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In QUACK We Trust.

Hyper Deflationary, self-generating automatic liquidity that pays out static rewards to holders. Simply hold QUACK in your wallet and you will get more on every transaction!


Everyone wants to Get Rich Quick but few are willing to do whatever it takes and its driving us Crazy! RichQUACK is a play on words, a fun way for us to mock those people who do nothing but expect luck, other people, or even destiny to give them everything in life.

Disclaimer: This is a community driven project, which mean everyone need to work hard together and spread QUACK like a virus or nothing going to happen. Let's create a supportive and motivated community of holders who are ready to work hard, hustle, contribute & risk it all for our one common goal! Together, we can launch QUACK to the Moon and beyond! Please understand RichQUACK is not an investment. Before we build all the utilities, QUACK was initially created as a meme just like doge. RichQUACK make no promises and is not responsible for any losses or errors. Use at your own risk.

How QUACK works?


Staking for Levels give every holders fair Guaranteed Allocation to invest in projects. GA model is broken down into 9 levels based on the number of QUACK you have staked on RichQUACK. You can also get free tokens from our incubated projects and partner projects.


Project needs to have enough votes to move forward to the launchpad. Voting will remain open until the time the IDO is about to start. Each holder only needs a minimum 100B QUACK to vote. Only the STAKED amount of QUACK by the investor will be reflected in the voting.


Become an early investor in the top Blockchain startup. QUACK aims to be fair, decentralized, multi-chain launch ecosystem to HELP build Next-Gen projects to life.  As Launchpad & Incubator, we will always be searching for best upcoming projects. Everyone can apply but you will need to pass QUACK Strict Quality Standard check and KYC to reduce risk exposure for our user. We do the hard work checking if projects worth investing.

Apply for your Next-Gen Blockchain Startup to launch on QUACK!

See if you pre-qualify by taking a few minutes to complete this short form. We’ll let you know within 2 to 3 business days.

Incubation: What we offer?

Funding,  Supporting & Advising Next-Gen Crypto Startup from seed to beyond. We are here to build a relationship with you beyond your launch. We aim to support your vision and promote it through our highest and best resources, getting you the exposure you deserve. Unlike others, we choose to WORK with you.

Expert Launches

Marketing & Community Support

Our team will support your Projects with the resources & processes for a successful launch, from prelaunch, token strategy, marketing, etc.

We will use our social media network alongside our team of crypto writers to promote your project on social media platforms.

Strategic Alliance

Exchange Listing & Market Making

Driving the news, with a minimum of 8 top tier publication for you to announce about your project before and after the launch to sustain the momentum 

Using our direct partnership with exchanges. We will connect you directly with management and the best market making team there is available out there.

QUACK is made up of diamond hand investors that are looking to support projects in the long term. We can't stop quacking about our investment. With 350,000+ followers strong that can be heard in more than a dozen languages across multiple social media platforms.

So, how are we going to do all of this in 2022?




50% of the QUACK supply was seeded as liquidity & 50% goes straight into our Black Hole Algorithm.


Liquidity Locked on Team.Finance. It's in our best interest to keep our Loyal Holders Safe from RUG.


4% Holder Rewards, 4% Auto Liquidity, 2% Quack PUMP & Burn Wallet, 2% Marketing & Dev Wallet


1% in Deployer Wallet &  2% Locked in Team.Finance for Airdrop & Staking Rewards!


No wallet holds more than 1% of token supply. Sells are restricted to less than 1% of the total supply

BURNED: 53.634 Q $QUACK ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥

With black hole algorithm, the 53.63% $QUACK supply inside the blackhole will act as a giant vacuum that will also receive 4% holder rewards. This results in super fast $QUACK burn rate and exponential growth of the black hole.


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